As a separate and distinct entertainment specialist, specificity and attention to detail makes us the benchmark of our profession.

With the Aloha Spirit, and in maximizing our services through expedient handling of all requests, CVP strives to perpetuate our island and Polynesian culture with our presentations.

CVP Entertainment is an employment opportunity, and supplying resource, in the entertainment industry serving Hotel Convention/Conference Service Groups, Hotel/Restaurant Lounges, and Wedding Consultation/Services. Our product specialty: premiere Luau and Dance Band entertainment packages. We seek positive business opportunities in a steady and controlled fashion. CVP is CUSTOMER DRIVEN!



Adam T. Kenagy, President

“For the Love of Music.”
1983 Graduate of Mililani High School , Oahu ;
1983 – 1985 Liberal Arts study at the University of Puget Sound ;
1986 – 1988 Polynesian Entertainer at Oahu's Polynesia Cultural Center
1988 Waikiki Luau Show performer;
1989 Graduate Brigham Young Univ.–Hawaii Campus: Hotel / Restaurant Management;
1989 – 1991 Project Coordinator at the Sheraton Moana Surfrider;
1991 - 1999 Maui Entertainment Manager and V.P.;
1996 and '97: World Fire-knife Competitor;
1999 August: Est. CVP Entertainment;
2005 May Est. Southside Soccer Club (youth sports)
2008 Founder and President of Maui Youth Soccer League.
20 + years of professional performing and managing.

Welcome to Maui . Aloha Kakou!


Zeina T. Kenagy, Vice President

French National from Tahiti ;
1985 BYU-Hawaii Campus Polynesian Cultural Center Scholarship Student;
1 of 15 select scholarship students from Tahiti . Mission : to perpetuate the T ahitian Culture, through the combined efforts of the Polynesian Cultural Center and Brigham Young University – Hawaii Campus work study program, displaying and teaching the Tahitian culture lectures of language, dance, costuming, and musicianship.
1991 Maui Polynesian Dance Entertainer;
1996 Luau Production Manager
1999 August - Est., and V.P. of CVP Entertainment, Inc.

Bienvenue to Beautiful Maui . As we sing and dance for our “Malihini:” our new found visitor and friend, see you on stage at your Luau Show booking with CVP Entertainment.

Iaorana tatou!